Welcome on my web site where I present you my ragdoll cats.

My name is Josée Clavel and I live on the south shore of Montréal between St-Hilaire and St-Hyacinthe. I breed Bernese mountain dogs: www.lebouvierbernois.ca and Ragdoll cats because ragdolls are the best cats in the world. I love animals as you can see. Ragdolls are gentle, affectionate and wonderful cats. All my kittens are sold registered with TICA  and sold spayed or neutered except for breeder quality. My goal is to produce beautiful big cat with wonderful temperament. Health is our priority. We frequently go to shows with our cats .I also give you a sales contract that give you a guarranty. Ragdolls do shed but in a minimal way. THey don't need brushing frequently altough they will love to  be brush. If you get one, you might have trouble resisting getting a second one. Ragdolls are addictive.  If you have not yet  found the cat of your dream , well the ragdoll is the one.

 Have a nice visit!


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