Here are some pictures of our champions

Here are some pictures of Chatouille Romano in shows and also with his trophes. Romano lives in Luxembourg with  Patricia and Claude. Thanks to both of you for taking such good care of Romano

Chatouille Romano won several times best in show in Germany, in Luxembourg and also in Switzerland. He is 7 months on these pictures

Bravo Romano

Chatouille Chayili Bluebelle girl is in France with Monique Devalaut. She has been to some shows with her and she has done very well winning quite a few finales .

Chatouille Destiny is also in France with Rachel Miltgen" she ahs done a few shows too and is now a Champion. She won quite a few finales too .

Here is Chatouille Charlie Brouwn at the  Salon des animaux de compagnie, a TICA show in Montréal in November 2006. He was in the kitten class.

and here at the Noël des chats, a CCA show in Montréal in December 2006

Here is Bridlepath Portobello of Chatouille at the Salon des animaux de compagnie, a TICA show in Montréal in November 2006 where he got his TICA Champion title.

Now here is Riterags Roméo Le Magnifique at Harfort CT USA when he was only 5 months old. He was in the kitten class and di quite well with a few finales.

THis is Mikyttens Café au Lait of Chatouille at a CCA show where he got his championship.

This is Laledolls Casanova of Chatouille where he got his champion tiltle on the first day in march 2009 in Laval

Misty did a lot of finales in the kitten class in Laval in March 2009 and also in Trois-Rivières in May 2009. SHe also won the second best of the best in the kitten class out of all the kittens there. THere were close to 60 kittens. SO we are not the only ones that find she is a beauty.....

Ch Chatouille Misty






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